10 Reasons to Have Health Care Plans

10 Reasons to Have Health Care Plans

1. Without medical insurance plans you may be forced to go to a hospital that is maintained by a county. These hospitals are notorious for being extremely overcrowded. You may be sitting there with a life-threatening situation without getting help in time.

2. Having not medical insurance could potentially cause any life insurance plan that you are looking at to have very high premiums.

3. If you happen to have diabetes and do not have medical insurance, you should know that your mortality rate is higher than individuals that have diabetes and do have health care.

4. Having health insurance coverage protects you and your family from possibly running into a very costly hardship due to some extended stay in the hospital or some major-type surgery.

5. Some people don’t realize that if you don’t or have not paid your medical or hospital bills, the hospital might have their legal staff lien your property.

6. Without affordable health insurance, when you need medical care you may not be able to afford it.

7. Depending on the university or college, some of these education facilities may require proof of health care coverage. This is also true of certain types of international programs Totobet SGP.

8. If you have medical insurance, you are far more likely to seek medical assistance at a clinic or hospital before your condition worsens. Oftentimes the expenses go up the longer you wait.

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9. Deduct 100% of your monthly insurance payments if you are self-employed making your insurance premium as close to a cheap health insurance plan as you can likely get!

10. You can make affordable health insurance more affordable if you are able to take certain risks. This risk would if you are fairly healthy and seldom have the need for medical services. You can buy what’s called “catastrophic coverage.” Basically it’s an “indemnity policy,” which translates into a deductible, which is very high – maybe $2,000 or more. This could reduce your monthly payment by as much as 50%. Make sure to fully understand the term “catastrophic” as the insurance industry describes it.

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