5 Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Project Management Software

5 Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Project Management Software

There was a time when the use of project management tools was confined to the development teams alone. However, now various departments within a company employ the use of this software, including marketing departments.

My neighbor introduced me first to the software while he was working on a project for the Optimum Economy package. His team was facing communication issues so the company started using project management software. I too have been using it since and find it extremely useful. Here are the many ways the software from Pedagogia has helped us since:

Simplifies Task Management

Task management is where all the troubles start from if not done the right way. It is also the very first issue that the project management software addresses. The reason why task management is crucial is that it is the building block of any project that a team is working on. And you cannot hope to achieve the success you do not lay a strong foundation.

The software allows the team members to share the goals, marketing targets, apart from enabling the manager to assign tasks seamlessly. Because it is essential for a manager to assign the right task to the right person. The software helps the manager to streamline all the projects that each team member is working on. Hence, allowing to keep all the marketing efforts organized.

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Facilitates Open Communication

The best part about the project management software is that it enables the teams to be on the same page. This further allows teams and team members to indulge in open communication, a trait so essential for achieving the success of any marketing effort. Project management software allows teams to take part in group discussions. Hence, encouraging members to put forward their ideas.

The software also allows team members to help each other via the real-time chat feature. You might think that this can easily be achieved via emails. But relying on emails as a mode of communication is a clichéd practice.

A project management software/tool allows the users to do the following in real-time:

  • Direct message
  • Comments
  • Emails
  • Participating in group chats

Easy Resource Management

In today’s world, project managers have to ensure that all the team members remain happy while not compromising on their productivity. However, a project manager has to give his team members total control so that they remain agile. They should be able to access documents and files whenever they feel the need to. In this Online Casino Guide way, they can refer to a file whenever they need to extract any information not waiting for the manager or a senior person to allow them access.

The project management tools are cloud-based and they allow the managers as well as team members to upload all the data where it gets saved in a single place. Anyone who wishes to have a look at any of the documents can access it from there. The cloud-based tool also enables team members to refer to any old document if the need may be.

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Team Collaboration and Brainstorming

All the ways in which project management tools facilitate a team are actually indirectly collaborative features. A project management tool allows team members to collaborate with each other no matter the place they are at. For example, a team member may be relaxing in a coffee shop but he will be well aware of all the recent progress on a certain project. He will also be able to share his input from anywhere he wishes to.

Apart from that, team members can brainstorm ideas quite effectively as well. Because in the recent past, the culture of remote working has been on the rise. This means that it is not necessary that a team working on a project resides in the same city or country. Under such circumstances, the project management tool allows the team members to brainstorm ideas on a single platform as well.


The project management tool allows the team members and managers to keep everything transparent. When a person has to upload whatever his part of the project is on one platform, there is no chance that he can bluff someone or can hide anything. This is also helpful for the managers because they can monitor the processes, progress, as well as identify any bottlenecks efficiently as well.

However, there is one con (not exactly) of using the project management tool(s). You need to have access to an efficient Internet connection to connect to your www.strung-out.com team. I have subscribed to optimum internet 300. So whenever I work from home, I can do so without fearing about Internet downtime.

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